Aquariana 2019

Three days, two nights, twelve women. Snowshoeing, fat biking, sharing meals. Trying new activities, meeting new friends. Taking a pause from the press of work and family and life to reset and refresh.

4 Tips for Off-Season Training

When you live along the 43rd parallel, and January has an average of nine hours of daylight, you’ve got to find some strategies for making it to the Spring Solstice (Wednesday, March 20, with a day length of 12 hours, 6 minutes, if you’re wondering) without completely losing your shit.

New Year, Fresh Start

What new challenges are in store for you this year? What can you do to grow as a cyclist in the next twelve months? Do you want to get stronger on hills? Be able to ride farther and longer? Maybe you want to try gravel riding, or take a lesson in mountain bike riding. Maybe you want to learn to take it slow this year, and simply enjoy the scenery.

Merry Christmas

If you’re looking for some gift ideas that will fit inside of a stocking — or under the tree — we’ve included our own personal Christmas lists as suggestions. Do they resemble yours?

Cycling, A Prescription for Happiness

Riding a bike is an instant mood-enhancer. If you are a cyclist, you have likely experienced this phenomenon yourself. Perhaps you had a trying day at work, or you’ve had some challenges in your personal life, or maybe you’re just grumpy.  But jump on a bike, start pedaling, and within minutes you are feeling better.

Presenting: Kayla Brannen

There are a lot of amazing women cyclists in the Upper Valley, so it was hard to choose someone to start with. But this woman stands out. She’s a local business owner who races and rides road, gravel, and mountain bikes. She’s a powerhouse and an inspiration, the kind of woman who strives and succeeds (and sometimes fails), and supports and encourages other women to strive to be their own best self.

Peacham Fall Fondo

The grass is wet from the previous night’s rain and gray clouds hang low in the sky when we step out of the car the morning of the first ever Peacham Fall Fondo in Peacham, Vermont. It’s not quite drizzling, but the air is damp and cold. Despite the chill, and lots of deliberation on exactly how many layers we’ll need, we’re excited for the ride.