What is bikekitz?

Bikekitz grew out of our passion for cycling and, admittedly, a little frustration with the industry whose focus seems to be on the elite, even though the elite make up only about 5% of cyclists. (Nothing against the elite...they’re super talented and inspiring and we appreciate their experience and what they can teach us). 

As cyclists and consumers who want and deserve good gear, we want to be included in the conversation. We knew that if we feel this way, we can't be the only ones.

At bikekitz.com, you’ll find information and tips that are relevant to YOU. You’ll learn about movers and shakers in cycling and meet some fascinating people. You’ll experience being a part of a global women’s cycling community that supports YOU and your journey to take your riding to the next level, whatever that may be. We want you to feel totally comfortable and welcome here. Whether you’re into road, MTB, or gravel riding (or any combination of these), Join Our Community and the conversation. Leave comments, share, and be heard!





General Info

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