About Us


Jen Barden

There are a few things that are core to my beliefs.

I believe in the power of community and I apply this belief by connecting women cyclists to each other.

I believe in clean living and that age is just a number.  In my off time, I am a Dental Hygienist and run a local women’s cycling club with a few of my cycling women friends.  Together we promote women’s cycling by encouraging women of all cycling abilities to get out and ride and break down the barriers that  prevent them from doing so.

In addition to being an obsessive cycling enthusiast, I have several other interests, including other outdoor sports and activities, family, gardening, fitness and nutrition, travel, good food and even better company.  

My conceptualization of bikekitz stems from the personal benefits of cycling that I have experienced in my life and the positive results I’ve observed within my own women’s cycling community.  As a mother of two daughters, I believe in the importance of teaching by example and I demonstrate this by following my own passion for cycling. I have lived in New Hampshire all my life and have been riding bikes for almost as long.  I’ve dabbled in every type of cycling (except cyclocross...it’s on the bucket list), and have yet to meet a bike I don’t like. (Okay, there was one, a fat bike, but it was operator error. It wasn’t the bike’s fault). My favorite type of cycling is gravel, but I ride most of my miles on the road.  Living in New Hampshire, very close to the Vermont border, I’ve been fortunate to enjoy some of the best cycling in the country, participate in some of the most challenging events, and meet some influential movers and shakers in cycling. The inherently supportive nature of this amazing sport and my connection to the vast network of athletes, trainers, ride/race organizers, retailers, wholesalers, etc.,  have inspired me to create this website and share the cycling love by making these resources available to all of you.


Jen Duby

Cyclist and Writer. Mom and Wife. Coffee-lover, outdoor enthusiast, reader of detective and noir fiction.

Like a lot of people, I had a bike as a kid (yellow, with a banana seat, that got handed down from kid to kid as my siblings and I grew into and out of it). Later as a pre-driving teenager I would ride across town to visit friends on a sky blue Schwinn ten speed, wearing no helmet. In college I experimented with a mountain bike. In my post-kid era I took a deep dive into life as an age-group triathlete (black Felt B14 with sweet custom decals of diving swallows).

Cycling is so many things. It’s an avenue to physical fitness, mental clarity, and stress relief. It’s a means of transportation, a community with many different subgroups, and a conduit for social change and empowerment.

When Barden started talking to me about her idea for a website that would be a community and resource for women in cycling, I was inspired. She wanted to take this thing that we both loved passionately and create a place that honored that passion but also provided real, practical value to other cyclists. I was immediately interested and knew I had to be a part of it.

As a mom, it’s important to me to model an active, fulfilling life, and cycling has been an important feature of that.

As a writer, I believe in the power of story to educate audiences and transform the self. My goal with bikekitz is to educate, inform, and entertain.

My writing has appeared in Best of Central Vermont, Here in Hanover, Whole Life Challenge, and more. To learn more, visit jennifergossduby.com